St. John's, Wilmot
Monday, June 27, 2016

Welcome to  St. John's, Wilmot, Episcopal Church

11 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804 ♦ (914) 636-0047 ♦

Sunday Worship Service is at 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School for Children and Youth is in St. Francis' Cottage

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Dear Friends,

St. John's is a vibrant community of folks who gather on Sundays and throughout the week to carry out our mission and ministry in the city of New Rochelle and beyond.

Once purely a "local" church known as "the little church on the hill," our members now travel from as far away as The Bronx, Queens, and Brewster, to participate in our unique way of proclaiming what we believe as Episcopalians in the Diocese of New York. And we are so fortunate to be able to proclaim and live out God's word in a beautiful chapel and parish hall set on six acres. Our chapel, built in 1859, has been the church home to Norman Rockwell, among other New Rochelle notables.

We are proud of our 157-year history, but we are especially proud to say that in 2016 we are an "open church" that constantly and purposefully seeks to create a living community, welcoming everyone regardless of their denominational background or their faith tradition (or lack of one). We hope you'll join us on Sunday mornings 10:30 a.m., with Sunday school, or for one of our tag sales or fundraisers that are listed on our events page. We can promise you one thing: It won't be dull!

Faithfully yours,

Lanny Miller and Scott Meyer



Upcoming Events

I invite you to join us for worship this Sunday, June 26, at 10:30 a.m., after which we will go into Manhattan and carry our St. John’s banner down Fifth Avenue to celebrate LGBTQ Pride. This will be our second year that we join with other parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of New York and march together in front of the Bishop’s float. Whether you are LGBTQ or not, I encourage you to walk with us as we spread the message of St. John’s being a place of worship where all people are welcome! This is a great way to show the power of a loving community following the events of Orlando and elsewhere.

       For those of you who will meet us directly in Manhattan, our meeting location is: East 38th Street, between 5th and Madison Avenues (enter at Madison), and we are instructed to be there at 3:00 p.m. We are in Section 10, Group 11 in that section. (There are 14 Sections total, so we are not at the end of the parade as we were last year.)

     Due to the tragedy in Orlando, many groups who were not previously scheduled to march have requested to be a part of this special Pride event. Therefore, this will be the largest Pride March ever, with over 450 different groups.

       Following are a few notes from the NYC Pride March organizers:

·      Security will be tight, so if you don’t need a back-pack, don’t bring one. There will be searches.

·      You cannot enter the March en-route. (You may always leave, but it will be difficult to get back in.)

·      Wear comfortable shoes and sun-screen.

·      Stay hydrated.

·      Have lots of fun!


       Afterwards, those who would like can gather at St. Luke’s in the Field for Evensong at 7:00 p.m. St. Luke’s is located near the end of the parade in Greenwich Village at 487 Hudson Street, between Grove and Christopher Streets. They will have a wonderful spread of food for outdoor dining in their garden, as well.